Monday, March 26, 2012

Karate Kid

Welcome to Japan and to the camp counselors Favorite movie of all time "Karate Kid". Ralph Machio crush anyone?!! We were met in the "Land of the Rising Sun" by a beautiful Geisha who educated us in all things Japanese.

We learned a greeting, different types of bows, and basic etiquette, like taking off your
shoes before entering a home (we all traded in our regular shoes for flip-flops to make it easier.)

Rickshaw Relay

In Japan there is a unique form of transportation called the rickshaw. It is a mode of human powered transport where a runner draws a two-wheeled cart which seats one or two passengers. This is our variation on the rickshaw.
We created "Rickshaws" from two poles and a folded blanket.

Some passengers need to eat a little less rice!

Our beautiful but brassy geisha shows how to put some muscle to it!

My camp counselors (AKA the Moms) have as much fun as the kids!

Cherry Blossom Craft

Japan is famous for it's blooming cherry trees. We made a craft using blue construction paper with a tree trunk cut out of brown construction paper glued on it. The kids took 1 inch square pieces of pink tissue paper, twisted a pencil eraser in the center of the paper ( I gave them new pencils and had them lick the eraser so the paper would grab onto it) and then they glued the blossoms to the branches.

Hinamatsuri is The Doll's Festival and is a time to pray for the health and well being of young girls. Homes with young girls set up elaborate displays of collectible dolls during the celebration. While all the boys were roughhousing outside the girls made a kokeshi doll and a folded paper doll and then received a Japanese doll of their own..

Kokeshi Doll

Folded Paper Doll

Karate Lessons
While the girls all received dolls, the boys got karate uniforms. Then since Mr. Miyagi has since gone on to  that big dogo in the sky, his able bodies assistants came to train us in his behalf.

Fear does not exist in this dogo, does it?
No Sensei!

Pain does not exist in this dogo, does it?
No Sensei!
Defeat does not exist in this dogo, does it?
No Sensei!

To be continued...

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