Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Nifty 50's

The Professor had some disappointing news for us this morning. This is our last trip on the Time Machine! He said he needs to shut it down for some much needed repairs. I hope the machine holds together until we can get back from the 50's!

Safe trip little travelers!

Welcome to the 50's!

For this final adventure we were plopped down with the cool cats in the 50's.
 We were greeted by Dan of Dan's Diner fame who was hiring new car hops.

After applying, Dan tested out delivery skills by pitting us against each other in a Car Hop Relay.

We displayed how quick and careful we were with his gourmet fast food.
We are expecting BIG tips!

The trays are from Dollar Tree, and the food is dog squeaky toys.

We're hired!
The new wait staff of Dan's Diner!

Our new place of employment - Dan's Diner

Little Jerks
(Soda Jerks, that is!)

The ice cream cones were made from styrofoam shapes painted with acrylics.

Super Jerk!!!

Dead Man's Curve, it's no place to play!
Dead Man's curve, you best keep away!
Dead Man's Curve, I can hear 'em say
Won't come back from Dead Man's Curve!!

Drag racing is SERIOUS business!

Shake it it up baby!
Hula Hoop Champs!

Some kids can really shake what their mama gave 'em!

OOOOH! Elvis!!!
Elvis was the heartthrob of the Fifties. Some of his biggest fans show their true devotion!

Merrill gets ready to pucker up and plant a big wet one on Elvis.

Drive- In Lunch

Everyone piled into cars and gorgeous car hops came and took the orders. It was a bit to hot to remain in the car so the hops delivered our lunches literally in a car!

After lunch we went into Dan's kitchen and made hamburger
and hot dog cookies for tomorrow nights sock hop.

We finished out our day in the 50's by recording three video's using fifties songs. We will be playing these for our guests viewing pleasure tomorrow night.

Gramma Luvlee


  1. I am just smiling from ear to ear, really enjoyed reading about the 50s party. Looks like lots of fun, the elvis game has to be my favorite. Btw love the ice cream cones and how the lunch came in a car!

  2. I love how you get the whole family involved!

  3. The games look like so much fun. You are definitely a party planner! Thanks for sharing on SImple & Sweet Fridays!


  4. I CANNOT come back and browse this site at leisure IT IS INTRIQUING..somebody is def a fun, creative soul..backatchu sooooooon- I am smiling sooooooo big!! Jonell at LIKE GRAMMA'S HOUSE

  5. Can I send my boys to your house this summer?! :) Thanks for sharing this with us at the {what's shakin' link party}!!