Friday, March 23, 2012

The Stars Arrive!

When we saw the Hollywood Hill in the distance we knew we had really arrived! The limo drivers pulled up to the Studio and we were mobbed by screaming fans and the dreaded paparazzi!

No pictures!

It's "Tuff" being a star!

Our fingers cramped from signing all of those autographs.
What can we say, THEY LOVE US! we're stars!

Walking The Red Carpet

We were met and interviewed by a beautiful Network Correspondent. We knew we had to be on our toes because she is famous for her probing and sometimes embarrassing questions!

No comment!

I am NOT dating Zac Effron!

Who are you wearing?    Garanimals of course!

Tuff keeps quiet about who his leading lady is.

Our great reporters!

We drew names out of a bowl to create our new stage names.

And of course we got our Stars on the Walk of Fame and our
 hand prints in plaster that we painted gold and blinged out!

After our Hollywood lunch of appetizers, finger sandwiches, mini cupcakes and mocktails, we started production on "The Movie". After dividing in two groups our directors (our moms) helped us to think of a storyline and assign the actors. Each group was in charge of their script, costumes and scenery. They worked on the movie throughout the week. The finished movies were shown at our party on Saturday night. They were hilarious and witty spoofs of "Barbie & Woody go on a cruise" and "The Karate Kid XX -The later Years". FUNNY!!!
Before dinner we played a Name that Tune game. I created a CD of kids movie themes and they had a lot of fun shouting out the names of the songs.
That night after dinner we all sat down and watched an edited version of "Karate Kid" to get us in the mood for tomorrow. 

Gramma Luvlee

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