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Grade School's A Killer-The Spooky Treasure Hunt

Reward Front
Reward Back
The kids each received a copy of this reward inviting them to take matters into their own hands and join with the townspeople to find Gus and collect the reward. They met at our house and after watching a very sweet introductory video, they were then given their first clue. The underlined words were the hints to find the next clue.
1) Hurry children, don’t delay. Don’t dawdle and don’t fuss!
Just say a prayer, climb up the steps. Onto that Hell-bound BUS!

They walked to a nearby school where they found an idling bus in the dark parking lot. As they walked up to the door they saw this clue on the bus door:
2) Some say the driver, Mr. Pitts, is sly and somewhat lazy!
That may be so, but even worse, he’ll really DRIVE you crazy!
Just then the hydraulic doors SWISHED open (and that was pretty creepy) and there sat the bus driver from heck (who never moved or said a word). At this point they realized they had to get on that dark bus to get the clue they could see on his steering wheel.

Clue on steering wheel says,..
3) The riders on this ghostly bus don’t know that they are dead. The ghostly
HANDS that clutch the clue may still be dripping red!
After reading this clue they realized they weren't alone on the bus. Ghostly children rose up from reclining positions on the seats and started call out and reaching for them.

Come sit by me
Be my friend
I like you
They had to touch each one of their hands looking for the clue.
The ghostly little sweethearts had Otter Pops in their pockets
to make sure their hands were nice and clammy!
They found the clue in one cold dead hand, it said…

4) To escape these students slimy grasp, jump out the exit door. Please don’t look back or you will see some blood & guts & gore!

They then did as instructed and happily jumped out the Emergency Exit. Did you know when you open that door and you don't put in a special code an alarm goes off and never stops for hours until the person with the special bus knowledge shows up?!!
Clue on door, it says…

5) Miss Earlene the crossing guard is not right in the head! She said “Go” instead of "Stop” now all the kids are dead!
Our kids arrived just in time to hear a horrific crash and to see bodies strewn across the
 intersection and sidewalk. And poor Miss Earlene, who was in a catatonic state!

Clue on stop sign. It says…

6) The Lunch Lady’s quite fastidious, she worries ‘bout her kitchen. That’s why she grumbles and she groans. That’s why she’s always….


Clue on school kitchen door, It says…

7) Everyone knows “A hearty breakfast makes a healthy brain”! But did you know a healthy brain, tastes better on whole grain?!!

The kids warily opened the kitchen door and were met with an almost pitch black hall filled with  baking racks and stacks of supplies. They went toward a small light in the main kitchen where they found the "Lunch Lady" who was serving up the special of the day, "Braised Brains on whole wheat".

The clue was given after everyone ate the brain (potted meat on Melba Toast)
It says…
8) You don’t like Cafeteria Food! It's not your favorite venue.
Well, when she cooks up sloppy Joe’s, You might be on the menu!    
Tasty Treats
The Lunch lady had everyone try a selection of cafeteria treats including: Educators Earwax, (pieces of mini marshmallows twisted onto sucker sticks and dipped in carmel) Eighth Graders eyeballs, (pickled cocktail onions)  Seventh Grader's Snot (slimy cornstarch concoction in a jar)...
 Principals Poo (a secret patented creation served in a specimen cup)...

Ground up guts (tapenade)...
Kindergartners Knee Caps
Pickled pig's feet anyone?!!

Clue given after taste test. It says...
9) The restroom’s out of order. It smells dank and rather sour. If you have to go, please be quick. AND DON'T LOOK IN THE SHOWER!

Everyone loaded into cars and drove to one of the oldest houses in town. They were told that this had originally been the old school building. I'm sorry to say, I'm a pretty convincing story teller and after a very dramatic description of the tragic occurrences that happened here, they believed me! I kinda freaked myself out a little and it was a little disquieting walking into this dark house by ourselves! The house was lit only by a few dim lights. As we walked from room to room you could hear creaking floorboards and rattling door knobs.

They walked into the restroom to find a bloody shower curtain in a candle lit room.
The clue under the doll said:
10) Mr. Allen, the Principal is considered quite a ghoul. He’s pompous and a little proud because he’s the HEAD of school! 
When they walked into the office they saw the headless back of a man sitting at the desk. He turned around and this is what greeted them.
In his typewriter was this clue: 
11) Good old Gus the janitor, I’m just not what I seem! The gory contents of my pails, will haunt your every dream!

They left the house and went around back to a back porch "Janitors Closet".
The clue in the goo read:
12)They pestered and they teased me and is it any wonder. I now can’t hear their vicious taunts, because they’re Six Feet Under! 

As they were reaching into the bucket they heard whistling (Gus's trademark) and just then a face appeared in the side window (and something started tapping under their feet. Not a scripted action I might mention!) This is the resulting picture as 12 kids barreled out of the "Janitor's Closet"!

 They were then transported to the "Graveyard" . We had to park a little ways off and walk up to the front of a very overgrown property. Through the trees you could hear the sound of a shovel scraping on rocks.
The gravedigger/caretaker started yelling,"Hey you kids, get back in them graves! I'm tired of your shenanigans!" When he saw it was us he warned us of some unsettled spirits, who won't stay put!
The clue was on his shovel. It said:
13) Those bratty little Thompson TWINS, they thought they were so funny! But know they molder 'neath the ground. Their brains are rather runny! 

As the reward seekers were searching for the clue, they heard a creepy little girls' sing song voice saying,"I'm gonna get you." Then she giggled over and over.

This is a Photoshopped version of the real thing. I video taped a little great niece. Cloned her, mirror imaged her and projected her onto a cloth covered, cardboard, girl shaped cutout.
 It was kinda breathtaking!
The clue on their headstone said:
14) They wanted to play hide & seek, "Simon Says" and tag. But now you’ll find the little dears inside a Body Bag!
The body bag was a thoughtful Mother's Day gift from my daughter. I just love it when they give you something you were really hoping for!
The kids thought the bag was stuffed with something (besides a body) because there was absolutely no movement. As they started to unzip it a creepy little version of "Ring a round the Rosy" started playing along with more childish giggles!
Clutched in her dead little hand was this clue:
16) They brought me what they said were treats, a snake coiled in a basket! And now you’ll find them curled up neat inside their little CASKET!

Inside the casket, clutched in the hands of a tiny little skeleton was this clue:

17) They poked me and they kicked me, they loved to hear my groans. Now I find it so delightful, to sift through all their bones!

Found among the bones was the next clue:
18) I always heard them giggle while playing on the swings. Well, now their flying higher, on their Angel Wings!

In her hand was the clue that said:
19) I’ve heard that I’m notorious, my REWARD'S a right good prize. But if you try to seize me, it will lead to your demise!

The kids followed the sound of whistling and they saw the back of that maniac Gus.
Upon hearing them he turned and charged at them with a machete saying, "Here's your reward, you little brats"! At the last second he dropped his bucket and ran off into the trees. The kids discovered the bucket was full of the gold reward (candy) along with this note:
20) Here’s your reward as promised. It’s yours to keep or spend. Sweet dreams until we meet next year. Your Gramma says, "THE END"!

Sweet Dreams
Love, Gramma Luvlee


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