Monday, August 4, 2014

Endless Summer Pond Party

"In the Summer time when the weather is fine", that's the time to celebrate those seemingly endless days of Summer with a pond party and movie under the stars. There will be a barbecue and then the concession stand will be overflowing with treats as we roll out our blankets and go to the movies.

The water was perfect for all ages to enjoy a dip in the cool pond.
Many thanks to Bonnie & Steve Udall for allowing our family to make special
family memories at The Udall Pond.
Their was plenty of room for a quick game of football.
Their were hammocks for chillin' out with your best friend!
Fine dining pond side. 
Let's Go To The Movies
Concession Stand
(We told the kids to go play a while longer, then the adults stocked up on the goodies!)
A trip to the concession stand.
My daughter spent hours compiling video clips and pictures that highlighted the first five years of Camp GrammaLuvlee. It brought a little tear to my eye to see how our family has grown and to relive so many wonderful memories. Thanks Mandy Pand! It was the best movie ever!
So long until next year when our theme will be....
Just kidding!
Tune in next year to find out.
Gramma Luvlee

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