Saturday, November 17, 2012

Zombie Prom-The Prom Goers

Welcome students to the 2012 Ground Valley High School Zombie Prom.
Feasting at the Body Parts Buffet:
Dancing in the gym:
All the little boys were told that they had to dance with A GIRL before they could go out to the Haunted Pumpkin Patch. Some of them took the easy way out!

Mom counts as a girl, right?!! 
Sometimes you get rejected because they have their eye...
...on another man!
"Cause this is Thriller, ...
Thriller night!!
If I were a zombie, I'd never eat your brain!
I just want your heart, just want your heart, just want your heart!
The Haunted Pumpkin Patch:
Each year the kid's go out into the dark and creepy night and search for numbered pumpkins. They get a prize bag that corresponds to the pumpkin they find. The dad's are out there, but they can't scare the little guys. Some high pitched screams were heard from the older kid's though! 
Ghost pooh labels
I put mini marshmallows in snack bags then folded these labels and stapled them to the top.
Tags for prize bags
The Zombie Prom Royal Court:
The attendees were able to vote for Zombie Prom Royalty. May the most rotten rule!
3rd Place - Princess Taryn & Prince Jimmy
2nd Place - Princess Kamryn & Prince Merrill
And the Queen of Zombie Prom, Korbi!
& the King Rex!!!

Some of our Prom goers:

David & Ruth Ann
Skylar & Kamryn
The Gough's
Merrill & Taryn
The Brown's
The Whiting's
The Dewitt's
The Henrie's
The Barentine's
The Gilliam's
The Brown's
The Johnson's
A luvlee time was had by all, and we sent everyone home with a cute little zombie prize bag that contained a couple of zombie finger suckers, a few eyeballs (in case they got hungry on the way home) and some zombie mints for that pesky brain breath!

These fit on top of a Big Pack Tic Tac container
Print on green cardstock, fold the top and staple to treat bag
Then all my dear zombies went home to their beds
where visions of brains danced in their heads!
Sweet dreams little zombies
Gramma Luvlee
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  1. Oh my gosh....I love you guys so much! ;) What a great prom! I'm glad to know my hometown besties love zombies as much as I do!

  2. What a cool grandma, to tap into the current obsession with zombies. Looks like everyone had a blast!