Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Zombie Prom-The prequel

What little girl hasn't dreamed of being Prom Queen? Well, this little girl is just a tiny bit macabre! I dreamed of being Zombie Prom Queen, so why not stage my very own Zombie Prom where family and friends could mingle and visit and eat each others brains!!!

You too could be Zombie Prom Queen!
The Invitations:
All my Prom attendees received this prom poster and...

I made a CD cover from red rose scrapbook paper.
(I opened up a CD cover for a template.)
I placed it inside of a folded 10 inch black Wilton paper doily.
I trimmed off the top and bottom of the doily and sealed it with a red stick on gem.
All the attendees also received Prom Tickets in a special envelope.
Zombie Prom Tickets
Art work for wall decor and photo op background:
I made a photo op background using red brick patterned plastic to look like a school wall. We taped up posters and added graffiti for an authentic school feel.
My apologizes to the Beef & Pork Councils!
I purchased Diamond Glaze, a glue that dries shiny and dimensional and I embellished some of the blood drips on posters, pictures and invitations for a very realistic look.
Food Table Background Art:
For the table scape background I glued sheets of newspaper obituaries onto butcher paper. I took High School pictures of my family and made them black & white then zombified them (I just used my kids and my in-laws. I just couldn't zombify my grandkids!). I trimmed them with black lace and paper doilies and glued them to the background paper. I splattered the whole thing with plenty of blood then draped the top with black lace curtains.

That's all for now, but be sure to join us tomorrow as the Zombie Prom saga unfolds!
Gramma Luvlee
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  1. Good times! jett loves he loves it (from Jett)

  2. Very cool party! Thanks so much for sharing on My Spooktacular lInky party! I'm a new follower!