Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Welcome to Woody's Round up!

It's Toy Story day and we were welcomed to Andy's room by a very enthusiastic Woody! He handed out badges, bandannas and hats before deputizing us and sending us out on the range.

You're dressed like city slickers! We need to do something about that!

We turned out pretty good! We are some mean lookin' hombres!

Yikes! There's a snake in my boot!

We tested our steady eye and nerves of steel by dropping slithering snakes into old boots, and let me tell you, it's not as easy as you may think!

The prize for this game was Rattlesnake Eggs. These were malted milk balls,
 in a small bag with a label that said Genuine Rattlesnake Eggs.

Sharp Shooters

The little buckaroos got some instruction in the fine art of gun slingin', then took there skills to the clothesline where they blasted targets into oblivion!

Everyone was nicey nice shootin' at targets full of prizes on the
 clothesline. Then  them dirty rotten scoundrels...

...turned their guns on poor old Sheriff Woody!

That Woody sure can shoot!

Panning for gold with the Prospector

There's gold in them thar hills!

Woody taught us the basic of panning then we filled
 our saddlebags with plenty of that shiny gold stuff.

Rope 'em cowboy!

A cowpoke needs to be able to round up a herd and rope them cantankerous varmints if they get out of line. A few of our very best cow hands show you how it's done.

The Wild And Woolly Trail

The little cowpokes heard about their Great Grandpa Merrill who was a real cowboy for the White Mountain Hereford Ranch. A cowboy's life was hard and he worked long , dusty hours.

In this relay the little cowboys got a taste of just how rough life was for a cowpoke!

First, the two little buckaroos rustled up a horse from the remuda then started out on the trail. Along the way they noticed a goldfield and stopped to gather a little. They were surprised by a sudden cloudburst (squirt Bottle).

Next their horse gets a little spooked. No wonder, they're in the middle of a nest of rattlers. They shoot one and carry it along for the bragging rights.

Then they had to climb a mountain and jump over a gully, all the while clenching that writhing rattler in their mouth and blastin' away with their six shooter!

Very impressive jumpin' Pistol Pace!

Jumping fences is was our cow ponies do best!

As night settles on our cow camp, they light a lantern and head for home...

...arriving at the ranch just in time to ring the bell for supper!


When you're riding the range a cowboy can get mighty hungry. No wonder the most important feller in the camp was the cook. Our Great Great Grandpa Hale was a camp cook famous for his biscuits!

Tuffs mad biscuit skills come naturally!
(The biscuit cutter is the same one Grandma Hale used.)

The holster is made from brown construction paper and is chalked and detailed
 with a fine point marker. It holds the napkins and utensils.

Out on the range, cowboys ate a lot of beans and biscuits. For our
chuck wagon lunch we had two kinds of beans, biscuits and rolls and...

...cow pies for dessert!


That was our Toy Story morning edition. Join us this afternoon as we blast off with Buzz!

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  1. OH my goodness, what sweet pics!I just love your blog, how very special to document your love for your children and grandchildren. What a blessing, you must bet the best grandma in the world!!!! Thank you for stopping by and saying Hi today. I am so blessed to see your beautiful family and your amazing job of documenting them.

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