Friday, April 6, 2012

It's Buzz Time

Now it's time to blast off into space with our hero Buzz Lightyear. Everyone knows a good space hero needs a robot sidekick. Each team  used odds and ends from the hardware store, disposable bakeware and anything shiny to fashion a futuristic friend for Buzz.

These builders even covered an old cap with duct tape
 and painted applesauce containers for robot headgear!

This little robot looks like she should be a contestant in the Miss Universe Pagent.

Rocket Packs

If our campers want to keep up with Buzz they will need Jet Propulsion.
I made their Jet Packs from 2 liter Soda bottles. I spray painted them silver then hot glued them together. I cut two slits and attached elastic for straps then added felt flames.

High Flying Fun

Meteor Shower

NASA is predicting summer meteor showers in our area, so we prepared by making meteor collection bins to gather our specimens in.

Just as predicted a huge meteor shower arrived along with a very loud and scary thunderstorm. Our intrepid meteor thrower was perched on top of the house with her hands full of tinfoil meteors when the first deafening crash was heard. Thankfully she wasn't fried and a very rapid shower of meteors ensued!

The hunters broke open the meteors to find candy and small space toys.

We ended our Toy Story Extravaganza with a cowboy dinner of biscuits and gravy. Papa cooked them in his dutch ovens just like our Great Grandpa did out on the trail. We roasted marshmallows and sang some cowboy songs and had a great time!

After dinner we went in and watched "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".
Afterwards we each got a chocolate bar and low and behold...

...they each held a Golden Ticket! I can't wait until tomorrow!!!

Gramma Luvlee
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