Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Bug's Life

Help! Bug Attack!!
Our bug collector is in the wrong profession! She runs screaming every time she spies a little creepy crawly. She better get over it because today we're going to get down and dirty with the worms. We'll spread our wings and attend the Ugly Bug Ball. We'll even get all wound up in Miss Spider's Web. Today we'll creep, crawl and fly. After all "It's A Bug's Life!"

Our cute little Bug Collector!

Come into my parlor said the spiders to the flies!

The spider kids wove a very  large and intricate web with yarn and tent stakes. Then they invited their naive, unsuspecting mamas to lunch. Little did the mamas know, they were on the menu! Once they entered the web they were trapped by those sneaky little spiders!

Cocoon Relay

Each child turned into a cocoon by being encased in Toilet Paper. Once each cocoon was formed they had to hop down to the finish line, burst out of their casings and fly home.

After bustin' out of the joint they became...

...beautiful butterflies!

And Lady Bugs!

We each picked out a ceramic bug to paint. We were able to be as colorful and
creative as we could be and of course they all turned out just "Bee"- utifully!

Fly Swatter Relay

The teams had to race with a fly on their swatter and deposit the poor squished creature into a trash can, then race back. Oh, and they have to do it with fly glasses on so everything looks like it would to a fly.

The world had a kaleidoscope effect with these on.

Hey, you're buggin' me!

"Swats" the matter with you!

No Body Likes Me, I Think I'll Go And Eat Worms

Gramma brought out a big planter of flowers and dirt. She told us how worms live in the dirt and help to nourish it so that plants are healthier. Then all of a sudden she scooped up a handful of dirt and started eating it saying if it's good for plants it's probably good for people too! Well, if it's good enough for Gramma, it's good enough for us too!

I made the dirt with cheap Oreo's and have since then found some very cool realistic worms at OTC.

Each child was given a personalized bug box . They went out in search of
hidden plastic bugs, then they searched for the real deal!

Caterpillar Cafe

Dinner that night was served at The Caterpillar Cafe. The food is so good here you'll get butterflies in your stomach...


These simple ladybug snacks were made from Ritz Crackers spread with cream cheese and topped with half of a slit cherry tomato for the body and half of an olive for the head. The dots were black food coloring and the antaneas were green onion stem slivers.


..and snails too!

After we finished our dinner at the cafe, Gramma gave us each a special Ladybug cookie and told us how great Ladybugs are and what they do for the plants. She then took us to the side of the house were she...

..emptied out 5,000 Ladybugs into our waiting hands!

They crawled all over us and tickled...

..and then we gently placed them on the plants and trees so they could have a feast too!

I was able to order Ladybugs and have them delivered to me. You can keep them in the
refrigerator until just before releasing them. Very Cool Experience!

Gramma Luvlee

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