Thursday, August 8, 2013

We're all mad here! Family & friends come to tea!

The Tea Party

The Food

Our fanciful tea included: mini scones, mini eclairs, Tea Bag cookies, Mini muffins, The Red Queens Cherry Tarts, Madeline/Brownies, Mini blueberry bread, and spoons of white chocolate cream cheese with a raspberry and mini Lorna Doone cookie.

Other things on the dessert table: Meringues, Meringue Mushrooms, Mini French Silk Pies, Mini Pies, Brownie & Chocolate Mousse Parfaits, and Chocolate dipped Strawberries that resembled Carrots.
Rounding things out were: Spoons of dark chocolate with raspberries and mini Milano Cookies and Cupcakes.

On the Savory table: Arancini (Italian Rice Balls), Buffalo Chicken Dip & Chips,  & Antipasta cups.

Also on the menu Ritz Crackers with Cream Cheese, Salami and Balsamic drenched diced strawberries, Veggie & Dip cups, Tea Sandwiches and Jalapeno Poppers and Caprese Salad cups.

Table Decor

Our "Mad" Attendee's 
Our Talented "Fudderwackers"
 That's all for this years fabulous Camp GrammaLuvlee
"Check It Out" - a literary adventure.
Join us next year when our theme will be...

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  1. Oh, my! What a production! And the food tables are luscious. The best thing, though, is that everyone looks as though they are having fun.