Friday, August 2, 2013

Tom & Huck

Today we're basing all our activities on the Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.
First up, raft building!
Adam came up with the plan and materials for our sea-worthy raft. They pre-assembled
 it at home and inflated truck inner tubes to make it float.
 Sadly, one tube bit the dust immediately, leaving us a little off balance.
PVC pipe, plywood and inner tubes. It sounded like a good idea!
Lunch In Hannibal Missouri

 Aunt Polly and some of her neighbors got together and provided us with a feast.
Our riverboat dock
Finally, the raft was ready for her maiden voyage.
It was looking a little precarious so we made sure everyone had life jackets and we loaded them up while singing "My heart will go on".
Shea had a BAD feeling and proceeded to bawl her eyes out. As  everyone else cluelessly enjoyed their selves she broke into banshee screams!
She finally had to be rescued, but was promptly told to pipe down by her would be heroes!
The crippled raft was valiantly rowed to shore by our two lovely oarsmen...
were we got a thumbs up by Asher who never had a clue his very life was hanging by a proverbial thread! Just as one of our cute little rowers jumped off a huge wind storm came up and in seconds they were back on the far side of the pond marooned once more!
Thanks to Kamryn's Herculean strength (and a push by our intrepid rescue boat)
the little band of fearless rafters was once again safe on shore (were their mom's were just finishing the last verse of "Nearer my God to thee"!)
Crawdad Fishing
All it takes for a big batch of crawdads is some twine, sticks, paperclips and some chunks of ham.
A helping hand from her cousin
Some of the anglers pulled up two crawdads at a time.
Patience was rewarded by some very large crawdads in this spot.
Jordin finally convinced Asher that the crocodiles (crawdads)
 wouldn't bite him if he got in the water.
A feast fit for Tom and Huck
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