Tuesday, January 29, 2013

PJ's & Presents

Off to bed

Before they headed off to bed where all those visions awaited, they were able to open one present from under the tree. DRATS! Pajama's again!!! How do they always pick the PJ's Present?

Christmas Day at our house
Christmas morning is so exciting! Everyone has to wait in the hall and then run in as a mass. I'm sure no one peeked in the night, right Pace?!!


It's just what I wanted!!!
These little sweeties of mine must have been extra special nice because Santa brought each one of them just what they asked for. SCORE!!!

Asher with his Dino railroad.
Rex got that tablet.
Jordin is going shopping with her new cart and food.
Jett received a crossbow and an air soft rifle. What more could a boy ask for?!!
Shea's very happy with her shiny new Jeep!...
and Pace is anxious to get outside and try out his mini bike.

Papa & Gramma got just what they asked for too, their family around them at Christmas.
And it was the best Christmas ever!!!
Gramma Luvlee

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