Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year (after Halloween that is!)

The Decor

I flocked a lot of stuff with whipped Ivory Snow Flakes. You add enough water to the soap flakes
to make the consistency of pancake batter. Whip it with beaters until it looks like whipped cream and then plop it on whatever you like. It dries solid and then it washes off with warm water when your done with it. I don't even know for sure if they still make this product. My box is from thirty years ago!
All my lidless apothecary jars are homemade using a candlestick and a glass vase from the Dollar Tree. I glued them together using E6000 Adhesive. $2 apothecary jars, Sweet!

Sure do love them Christmas Cookies, Sugar!

It was a sugar cookie extravaganza at my house as everyone competed to win a
coveted prize in the GrammaLuvlee Cookie Challenge.

It's all about the bling!
Jett is always the official taste tester.
Each competitor chose their best cookies for judging.
Everyone was excited to win a special prize.
Some were REALLY excited!!!
The Polar Express

Once again the Polar Express rolled into our town. After the kids went to bed they were pulled out of those bed by the earth shaking sounds of a trains clangs, bangs, hisses and the call of the conductors, "All aboard"! They piled into the hall to be greeted by three employees of The Polar Express.
They piled into the twinkle light festooned Polar Express. The train load of passengers followed behind the pilot train (the adults). Each train had a soundtrack of the movie which we started at the same time. We drove around town looking at Christmas lights, but when the fifth song came on both trains pulled over and the conductor in the lead car did a very energetic and acrobatic "Hot Chocolate" dance while the other employee passed out Hot Chocolate to the passengers.
Ticket Template

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