Saturday, September 8, 2012

The tribe has spoken

#7 The Hold To The Rod Challenge

Little fishie in a pan
Can you catch 'em like a man?!!

Supplies: bamboo poles with string and magnets, OTC light up goldfish key chain (numbered with sharpie), pool, water, note pad, pencil, timer

Fish out as many fish as you can in 30 seconds. The big kids had to stand back and cast. Each fish is numbered. The number corresponds with a food item for lunch. It's catch and release. After you catch, write down your numbers then release them for the next angler.

We left Gramma Luvlee island in the early afternoon and went home for lunch. The adults came back to the island to turn it into "Haunted Tiki Island" in preparation for tonight's spooky treasure hunt.

Tribal Council

Each tribe member received a torch lit with red cellophane and a flameless candle. Dollar Tree conveniently had torches in blue and red which I decorated with raffia, shells, beads and feathers.

The points for each tribe member was tallied and then Jeff came in and announced,"If any one has the hidden immunity idol, now would be the time to show it." Danii and Rex both revealed an idol for 5 more points each.

The tribe then voted using distressed paper and a pen Papa made by drilling out a tree branch and inserting a marker. They were told to vote for the one they thought deserved to be the "Survivor"!

The Vote

A few of the votes

The tribe has spoken...

the Survivor is... a three way tie by points, Korbi, Rex & Danii!

To find a Survivor we then did another vote between these three and once again...

The Tribe Has Spoken!!!

And the Survivor is...


Gramma Luvlee

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