Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Outwit - Outplay - Outlast!

 Let the challenges begin!

On Gramma Luvlee Island no one is voted off. No crying tribe members, thank you very much! Instead each person received a tiki necklace and the opportunity to win beads. Each tribe win gives that teams' players a wooden bead for 1 point. An individual win gives the winning tribe member a gold bead for 2 points. There were also two hidden immunity idols wrapped in muslin and tied with twine and beads. If you found the immunity idol you were awarded 5 points. The Survivor is the tribe member with the most tribal votes (1 point each) and accumulated points. The winner receives an immunity necklace, five dollars and bragging rights.

Tree mail

Reading tree mail

Tree mail watermark

For the tree mail clues I printed the tiki (I decreased the opaque property to 50%) and clues onto tan copy paper then crinkled it, tore the edges and distress inked it. 

#1 Global Warming Challenge

In the ocean's of the world, ice bergs are swarmin'
Don't cha just hate that stinkin' Global Warmin"!

I did this game first so I could use the ice to chill sodas for later and I could use the water for another game.
Supplies: baby pool, water, lots of ice, marbles, camp stool, timer

In this game the tribe member has 1 minute to remove as many pearls from the frigid waters of the ocean as they can. They can only use their toes.

We had a dry erase board to keep track of individual and team scores and we awarded the beads as soon as we finished each game. In between games the tribe nonchalantly searched for hidden immunity idols.

#2 Water Balloon Barrage

Watch your back and wear a slicker, the other tribe to us joked!
If you don't you just might find your own tribe ends up soaked!

Supplies: water balloons, water balloon launcher, hula hoops

We started out going for accuracy by aiming for hula hoops held up by the other team but our launcher was way to powerful so we went for distance. Hopefully no unsuspecting towns people were drenched in the process. We shot towards fields but some of them were "out off sight!" literally!

We were environmentally conscious and used bio-degradable balloons!

Our winner! We're pretty sure that this balloon ended up in the next town over!

#3 The Gross Grub Challenge

A stomach of iron is what you need
if on this island you want to succeed!

The team with the most remaining members at the end wins.

Our fearless gourmets - half dropped out after the first round!

1st round-hissing cockroaches
(For your information, Rex gagged like that on each round and still made it to the end!)

They're dropping like flies!

2nd round - Whale blood

Shark heart
I can't believe I ate shark heart!

Freeze dried barbecue flavored worms-Island grubs
These were for real and they liked them!

It was starting to get to Danii and this is how she finished the rest of the challenges.

Sun baked bait
 We announced each round before serving it.
I think it was the titles that got them!

I love the little fishy tail sticking out of her mouth!

This is where Merrill left us!

Tree frog eggs
They thought this was green jello and were completely shocked when it wasn't sweet!

After 16 rounds I still had 5 tribe members left!!! The last two rounds were completely repugnant! I thought this would surely knock a few more out. These kids really did have stomachs of iron!

Starving Survivor Rations - Beneful Dog Food

I watched Survivor last season to get ideas for my camp. I told them how in one of the episodes a man named Tarzan was found boiling his undies in a cooking pot to clean them. One of the tribe members chewed him out for putting his dirty underwear (with skid marks) into the pot they cook in. So in honor of Tarzan, our final round...
Tarzan's Latrine Cuisine!!!

On this Rex DIDN'T gag!! Go figure!

They should have received gold coins instead of gold beads for their effort. Good job guys!!

Gross Grub Challenge

Jungle Ticks - Lentils cooked in water dyed black with food coloring
Cannibal Zombie Eyes - Pickled Cocktail Onions
Hissing Cockroaches - Dates stuffed with Marshmallow Fluff
Pygmy Toes - Baby Meat Sticks with slivered almond toenails
Tree Frog Eggs - Large Pearl Tapioca cooked in green water
Putrid Sea Slugs - Smoked oysters
Sun Baked Bait- Sardines
Island Grubs - Freeze dried barbecue flavor larvae
Rat Droppings- raisinettes
Whale Blood - Clamato juice
Maggots - rice
Shark Heart - Whole beets
Sea Cow Tongue - Spam carved into a tongue shape
Caterpillar cocoons - mini Tootsie Rolls warmed and shaped into larvae
Ground Earthworm on toast - Olive Tapenade on crackers
Turtle eyes - Canned grapes
Starving Survivor Rations- Beneful Dog food container filled with Menudo (I'd rather eat dog food!) with the silver foil hot glued back on
Tarzan's Latrine Cuisine - New briefs with black bean, corn and chunky p-nut butter mixture

#4 Water Brigade Challenge

Running and panting, you'll find you soon tire!
Don't stop or you'll fail at dousing the fire!

The tribe was warned of lightening cause fires on the island. If this occurs they will have to be prepared to put them out.

Supplies: medicine cups, water, pool, 2 tiki glasses, 2 ping pong balls

The tribe dips medicine cups of water from the pool and pours it into the next members cup. They pour it to the next, etc. The winning team is the first to get the ping pong ball to float out of the glass.
(Ours needed a little help getting over the rim!)

The winning team members got beads.

#5 Hand Out Challenge

If you outlast the others we'll give you a shout!
But you'll have to do it with this hand out!

Supplies: Pool with ice, sodas

Each team member picks up cols sodas and extends arms straight out. They can't put their arms down. If they do they are out. Sodas are added until only one Outlasts the others. That tribe member wins an individual bead and his tribe wins team beads. A bribe of a cold soda was given to anyone who sat out.

The bribe sounded good to them!


#6 Safe Harbor Challenge

If you hit the reef you'll take a dunk
and believe you me, your ship is sunk!

Supplies: cardboard boxes with ocean print outs, mermaid, inflatable whale, 2 cardboard rafts, two blindfolds

Each team sends a ship through the treacherous ocean. The team stars with 10 pts. Points are deducted if the ship hits any of the obstacles (travelling mermaids and whales, stationary reef, dolphin cove, turtle nesting ground,etc) The ships power  (puller) is blindfolded he pulls two other team members while being directed by a member of the team on shore.

Our lovely mermaid

After this tight turn our trusty raft/sled/cleo's barge/pirate ship finally bit the
dust and had to be permanently retired. It has served us well!

To be continued...

Gramma Luvlee


  1. What a creative menu! Creative games, too. I like the pearl-picking one!

  2. Everyone wants you to be their grandma! Thanks for sharing the recipes. You're right, the names alone would be enough to sink most kids!