Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This, Is American Idol! - The try outs

As tradition would have it, the happy little campers were firstly buddied up. The middle boys were especially excited to be co-buddies! (No big buddy was watching over them.)

Big Buddy Korbi & her little buddy Lauren

Co-Buddies Tuff & Rex

Co-Buddies Jett & Pace

Big Buddy Danii & Little Buddy Asher

Big Buddy Merrill & his Little Buddy Katie

And last but not least Big Buddy Kamryn & Little Buddy Shea

The big buddy is in charge of the little buddy throughout the week taking care
of all their needs, making sure they are safe, well feed and happy!

You're gonna be a star!

Before each day got started, the reality stars watched a video of that days reality show. My daughter edited and spliced together each show to give them an idea of the premise of the show and especially to take out anything offensive. (Some shows were really short!)
The campers were greeted by their hostess Gramma Luvlee who then escorted them around back where they literally entered the world of "Reality TV".

Thanks to my sweet and talented husband the kid's walked right into
the television and into "AMERICAN IDOL".

As they stepped through they heard the American Idol theme
 music and they were greeted by none other than...

...the handsome & debonair host of American Idol...

Ryan then took the contestants to meet the guest judges for the
 tryouts. The judges explained the rules...

...and had them fill out official American Idol release forms.
They only had 3 pages of the very legal and official 6 pages. You can find them

The contestants then created their number badges for their tryout.
The badges were found HERE.
Our Contestants

The contestants were informed that they must be prepared to relate some personal information to the judges (especially desirable was any sad, sob story such as losing their lunch money, being picked last in dodge ball, watching a beloved pet being run over by a car, etc.) and they must be prepared to sing up to a two minute segment of a song acapella.

First up Merrill from New Mexico...

...who reacted joyfully upon receiving his golden ticket. Merrill was later heard to exclaim...

..."Now, maybe chicks will dig me!"

Next up was Danii who suffers from debilitating stage fright.

Ryan tried to talk her through it, eventually bringing in her sister Kamryn for moral support.

The sisters wowed the judges, even bringing goosies to one famous judges arms!

And they were on to Hollywood!

A very confident little songstress Korbi was up next.

This little miss was "in it to win it" and quickly moved on to the next round.

"I'm going to Hollywood!"

Tomorrow every one's going to be talking about Rex!

He had the performance that left the judges speechless!

One more potential star boards the plane for Hollywood.

Next up, Jett Boy!

"You've got the name. You've got the persona. You've got the whole package!"

"And you're going to Hollywood!"

A star is born, welcome Pace!

"I'm getting a Justin Bieber vibe here. The girls are going to love you!"

We can't make up our mind, mind, mind, mind,mind...
Oh yeah, you're going to Hollywood!

Now for that little guy with a big name, Tuff!

Look right into the camera with those big blue eyes.
Yep, every little girl in America now has your number on speed dial!

And you'll be breakin' hearts in Hollywood!

And now that little songbird from the Southwest, Shea!

This girl could sing the phonebook!

You could be looking at America's Next Idol!

Here's another heart breaker America. Let's welcome Asher!

You don't even need to sing. Just smile and flash that dimple
and the phones are going to be ringing off the hook!

Come and get your Golden Ticket!

This little cutie will have America eating out of her hand. Here's Lauren!

Your sweet voice is hypnotic. You're going put the Nation under your spell!

Of course you're going to Hollywood!

We've saved the best for last. Here's Katie!

You are so good you could go through to Hollywood singing "Twinkle, Twinkle little star".

Oh, that's right, you did!

Your Finalists, America!

We're going to Hollywood!

American Idol Golden Ticket Template - Print on yellow paper

Gramma Luvlee



  1. What an amazing fun party:) I love your ideas and your attention to detail. I missed coming by to see what you are doing next. Glad I came this time.
    I love American Idol!

    PS I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Please come on over to read the details.

  2. omy what energy and endless ideas-you are ahmazing lady. I know it would be wonderful to live near you-and all the kids must be crazy about coming over to your house..NOW TELL US WHAT YOU DO TO RELAX AFTER ONE OF THESE PRODUCTIONS-AND DO YOU EVER DO ENCORE PRESENTATIONS-A FUN FUN PLACE TO BE!