Friday, July 27, 2012

American Idol - Hollywood week

American Idol Makeovers

One of the funnest things about watching American Idol is seeing the transformations that happen in the course of the show. Our contestants were given pep talks by mentors and coached in what genre they wanted to appeal to. They were their own stylists, choosing wardrobe, accessories, hair and make up to fit their new persona.

And here is the new and improved version!

An "All-American" American Idol Lunch

An idol has to keep up their strength. Our stars enjoyed an All-American lunch of mini hamburgers and hot dogs, red, white & blue chips, All American Potato Salad, lemonade, red, white & blue cookies and berries, mini hamburger cookies and of course there is nothing as American as mom's (or Gramma's) apple pie!

Pin the microphone on the "All Time Favorite American Idol"!

Wanting to win brownie points from my three oldest granddaughters, we blindfolded the players and tried to stick a microphone closest to the mouth of "Scottie the Hottie". They of course got to take the prized poster home.

I covered the poster with clear Contact Paper and put a sticky dot with their initial where the microphone was. That way the next player couldn't judge where the last player landed.

The dreaded "Group" Performance

It's a tradition for American Idol contestants to perform as a group each week. This is as painful for the audience to watch as it is for the contestants to perform. We couldn't let our contestants go away from this experience with anything less.

Guest Mentors Gotye and Kimbra: Somebody That I Used To Know

Our guest mentors flew in between concerts to prep the performers for tonight's final performance..

Guest Mentor Michael Jackson : Beat it

Knowing how much one of our favorite contestants, Asher loves "Beat It", American Idol was able to bring in The King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. Michael couldn't stay long (because of a more pressing obligation), but he did teach them some of his signature dance moves before going towards the light.

See you tonight at the Final Performance & Results Show.

Gramma Luvlee

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