Monday, February 18, 2013

Shea's Glamour Camp Party

 Papa and I were privileged to attend Shea's 6th Birthday Party, a fabulous Glamour Camp created by her oh so talented mom, Cassie.

Everything was well marked for the campers convenience.
Camp Glam was set up under the stars (twinkle lights) with a nice warm
 little campfire to gather around on those chilly nights!
Our "Glampy" Campers!
Junior Counselor (and big cousin) Danii lead the campers in some favorite campfire songs.
Then Papa told a "little bit scary" campfire story.
But it was nothing compared to some of the spooky tales told by the campers!
Nature Scavenger Hunt
The campers went out in search of nature items to put in their little sacks. Each camper
 also found a mini flashlight and a mesh backpack to keep all their camping supplies in.
When the campers came back inside they proceeded to the mess hall
 where they were treated to a sumptuous feast.
The lights were turned off and the little campers dined by the light of
 lanterns, stars and glowing campfire embers.
Bring on the "Bling"
The campers used charms and beads to create their own unique Camp Glam bracelet.
Getting All "Glammed Up"
Each camper got her own pedicure set and mini nail polish.
...and their own esthetician (a person who does facials, I Googled it!).
Merrill the esthetician/
... nail tech.
 Boy, my grandson is multi-talented!! and a good sport, to boot!
Also helping out was big brother Pace...
...Aunt Jo Jo , Cousin Danii...
...and Shea's Event Coordinator (and very talented mama, Cassie).
Then we...
...opened presents,...
...ate some really yummy strawberries & cream push cakes...
..and S'mores cupcakes.
Then we headed over to the supply table to load up on...
...S'more Kits,
...collapsible brushes & mirrors,
...Camp Glam lip gloss,
...and the ever popular trail mix.
The "glammed up" campers threw everything into their cute little
 backpacks and then hiked off into the sunset, literally!!!
The End!
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