Monday, January 12, 2015

Sure do like those Christmas cookies, Sugar!

 It's time for you to dust off your rolling pins and participate in the highly competitive "Cookie Wars"! Each contestant was given a blob of dough and all the candy sprinkles they could ever dream of.

"Rollin' in the dough"

The rules are simple: 
Pick one cookie for Santa
Pick one cookie for judging
Eat the rest of the dough and cookies
If you get sick, don't "toss your cookies" on the floor!

"Super Cookie Maker" and yes, she did wear this costume for three straight days
 before we could pry her out of it!

The winning cookies

Winner for most sprinkles per square inch

The prize presenters

Ho Ho Ho!
Get to bed my little Luvlees, the Polar Express is on it's way!

Gramma Luvlee

Friday, January 9, 2015

Wooley Walk and Live Nativity

It's time to put your "Woolies" on as we take our annual Christmas Light Walking Tour. We bundled up, decorated the strollers with twinkle lights and filled our mugs to the brim with hot chocolate to keep us warm on our jaunt.

The kids took turns choosing and singing their favorite carols along the way.

For the second year a family in town presented a very special live nativity. It was a very touching reminder of what the Season is all about. It was absolutely silent except for the hauntingly beautiful strains of instrumental music softly playing in the background and the sounds of the sheep and cows.

What made it even more special was the surprise that  the Holy Family was my nephews' sweet little family

This kind family also provided hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls to the hundreds of peopled that attended!

The kid's sat around fires and enjoyed their treats.

Next stop Town Hall where the kids posed with the same decorations that their parents posed with years ago.

Cassie & Trevor 1987

Jori & Mandy 1987

It's time to head for home and thaw out our frozen tootsies!

Gramma Luvlee

Monday, September 15, 2014

Brown Reunion 2014- It's Saturday Night!

We are family! I've got all my cousins with me!
Oh, that's not how it goes! Whatever!
It's time once again for the famous (or infamous) Grant Brown Family Reunion! This year hosted by the fabulous Jimmy Brown Family! Brought to you not from New York like you were expecting, but from our studios in Milligan Valley!
For your viewing pleasure, first up...

 ...Dirt Bike Trick Riders...
...Movie Stars (you can tell by the shades!)...
...the ever present paparrazi...
...Hollywood "Swingers"...
...aerial act... shooters...
...wild animal acts...
including the trained caterpillar, who did a great job until one of
the boards of his enclosure fell on him...
...but don't worry folks, his trainers say he's OK, he's still moving but there is pooh coming out of his mouth and his bottom! Well, needless to say he won't be able to finish his final act!
Our show will also feature sports legends...
amazing dancers and agile gymnasts...
and a bevy of beautiful people...

Now for the acts you've been waiting all night for. First up the cheerleaders...

The Spartan Cheerleaders of course!!!

What's that music I hear wafting through the studio?!!
It's "Soul Man"! That can only mean one thing. It's those fabulous....
Blues Brothers!!!


The very amusing and highly professional
Peyton Manning Locker Room Pep Talk Skit
And we'll finish off our show tonight with some extremely entertaining
skits whose titles I never knew or I can't remember!

And that's the show for tonight America! Until next year...
when we'll be once again "Live from Milligan Valley"...
 "Guess what, folks? That's the news, and I am outta here!"
Night, night! Sleep tight!
Gramma Luvlee